Image of Beauty and the Beast
  • Image of Beauty and the Beast
  • Image of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast


Part of my 'Tales of the Faether' exhibition.

Many analysts believe animal bridegroom tales are intended to alleviate a maiden's fears of the marriage bed. While her husband may appear to be a beast before their marriage, she will learn that he is simply a caring man once the marriage is consummated. The tuatara, a reptile endemic to New Zealand, is part of a distinct lineage and the two species in New Zealand are the only surviving members of its order, which flourished around 200 million years ago. They are born with a third eye at the top of their head. Pretty cool.

Size: A2 / 420 x 594mm (same size as original drawing). Also available in A3.
Medium: Limited Edition Giclee Print (print run of 50), Canson Aquarelle Rag paper, unframed
Hand numbered and signed by the artist

Original is now available for sale.

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